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written by Ryan Cox

Scott Harmon is the CEO & Co-Founder of Swivel.

What’s the Big Idea?

Swivel fills a void between co-working and traditional office leases by providing simple and flexible lease terms — as well as providing 3D visualization tools to quickly create a custom office layouts and select design elements. It basically saves growing startups from going through the traditional design process of choosing colors, materials and furniture to fit a given layout.

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Physical to Mobile Ad Platforms with Kobi Wu, CEO of VisuWall

written by Ryan Cox

Kobi Wu is Founder and CEO of VisuWall. Wu is the former SVP of Strategic Planning at Combs Enterprises where she was responsible for managing the business and creative strategies including Combs Wines & Spirits and Sean John.  Some of the global brands she’s affected through her unique lens of entertainment and planning include …

How to Determine the Best Real Estate Market for Your Investment

written by Ryan Cox

We all know what a big part location plays in property value, but it can be a challenge to determine which market, city, neighborhood, or even street you want to invest in. As you explore potential investment areas, try following these three steps to conduct a thorough evaluation of the pros and cons of …

Creating Transparency for Lease Comp Data with Michael Mandel, CEO of Compstak

written by Ryan Cox

A former NYC commercial broker, Michael Mandel founded Compstak to fix the inefficiencies of data sharing in the CRE industry. Michael is a regular speaker on the future of commercial real estate, real estate technology, and data transparency. He graduated from Babson College in 2005, where he led the Babson Entrepreneurial Exchange and …

The Top 3 Financial Questions to Ask Yourself before Investing in Real Estate

written by Ryan Cox

Before you get too far in the investment process, you should take the time to figure out what kind of investment you’re looking for and what you’re looking to get out of it. Often, the first step in that evaluation is to consider considering one’s finances and what kind of financial outcomes you’re comfortable …

Upending the Traditional Self Storage Model with Kyle Bainter, CEO of Call Box Storage

written by Ryan Cox

Kyle Bainter the Co-founder & CEO of Call Box Storage, an alternative to traditional self storage. He has 15 years of experience as a real estate executive – focused on auditing, accounting, underwriting, and private equity.  Previous to Call Box Storage, Kyle was the CFO of Silverado Interests, a boutique real estate firm focused …

Building Management at Scale with Michael Franco, CEO of Riptide

written by Ryan Cox

Michael Franco the founder & CEO of Riptide, a cloud-based building management solution to make every building an exceptional experience. He has 20 years experience as a technology executive — leading teams in product, project and program management.  Previous to Riptide, he managed the international services team for Cisco Systems Smart+ Connected Buildings.

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