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written by Ryan Cox

Scott Harmon is the CEO & Co-Founder of Swivel.

What’s the Big Idea?

Swivel fills a void between co-working and traditional office leases by providing simple and flexible lease terms — as well as providing 3D visualization tools to quickly create a custom office layouts and select design elements. It basically saves growing startups from going through the traditional design process of choosing colors, materials and furniture to fit a given layout.

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The Impact of Autonomous Vehicles on Real Estate with Phil Levin, Founder of 99mph

written by Ryan Cox

Phil Levin is the founder and principal of 99mph, a boutique consulting firm which is preparing policy makers, investors, and businesses for the disruptive arrival of autonomous vehicles. Prior to starting 99mph, Phil was the creator of two international teams as part of Facebook’s initiative, helping to bring over 25 million people online. …

April 2018 Founders Grove Capital Newsletter

written by Ryan Cox

Founders Grove Capital is focused on acquiring the best, most promising multi-family investment opportunities in Dallas-Fort Worth. The demand for multi-family investments in DFW is as competitive as it’s ever been and rightly so, thanks to tremendous population growth and new job creation. We are continuing to analyze a vast number of opportunities …

Moderning Existing Facilities Infrastructure with Senseware Co-Founder, Serene Al-Momen

written by Ryan Cox

Serene Al-Momen is Co-Founder and CEO of Senseware. Serene is an entrepreneur working on her 2nd startup with Senseware and an adjunct professor at George Mason University.

Her PhD research led her to meet her co-founder Julien Stamatakis. Julien was focused on developing the use of accelerometers and sensors to measure Parkinson’s disease severity …

3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Multi-family Properties

written by Ryan Cox

In my years of investing, I’ve found multi-family properties to be the most attractive and profitable investments, which is why I’ve specialized in these types of properties at Founders Grove. I consider the three main advantages of multi-family properties to be better returns, increased stability, and enhanced portfolio diversity.

Higher Returns

After adjusting for risk, multi-family …

Creating a Transparent Marketplace for over $500B of Commercial Loans with Yulia Yanni, CEO of Real Atom

written by Ryan Cox

Yulia Yaani is Co-Founder and CEO of Real Atom. Before founding Real Atom, Yulia managed over half a billion in commercial real estate investments for Amstar Global Partners, a US private equity fund, as well as worked in multifamily sales & marketing for Related Group.

Her experience exposed her to two critical groups …

Beyond Location: Two Aspects of Property Value to Consider before Making an Investment

written by Ryan Cox

Location is one of the biggest factors in a property’s value, but there are several other factors that can affect it. Before you invest in a property, ask yourself these two questions to avoid being surprised by plummeting value or additional expenses.  

Has the property suffered any damage that could be costly to repair in the future? 

Perhaps the property you’re interested in investing …