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written by Ryan Cox

Scott Harmon is the CEO & Co-Founder of Swivel.

What’s the Big Idea?

Swivel fills a void between co-working and traditional office leases by providing simple and flexible lease terms — as well as providing 3D visualization tools to quickly create a custom office layouts and select design elements. It basically saves growing startups from going through the traditional design process of choosing colors, materials and furniture to fit a given layout.

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On-demand electric vehicles parked where you live, work and stay with founders, Aric Ohana

written by Ryan Cox

Aric Ohana is the Co-Founder of  Envoy There.  Envoy There provides property owners a fully integrated platform to implement community cars as an amenity …

Financial Modeling Powered by Machine-Learning and the Cloud with Brian Axline, CEO of Lucro

written by Ryan Cox

Brian Axline is the Founder & CEO of Lucro. Lucro’s financial modeling softwares allows its users to spend less time crunching the numbers and …

Exploring the Frontier of Architecture & Design with David Bianciardi, Founder of AV&C

written by Ryan Cox

David Bianciardi is the Founder and Principal of AV&C.  AV&C is a collaborative firm with a proven process to distill complex objectives into design driven …

How Technology is Transforming Commercial Real Estate Marketing with Kris Krisco, CRO of Buildout

written by Ryan Cox

Kris Krisco is the Chief Revenue Officer of Buildout.  Buildout is marketing software for commercial real estate that uses a brand’s blueprints to automatically …

Understanding the Commercial Real Estate Tech Landscape with Michael Beckerman, CEO of CRETECH

written by Ryan Cox

Michael Beckerman is the CEO  of CRETech.  CREtech is where the commercial real estate industry comes to discover all things tech.  

What’s the Big Idea?.  

In …

The Search Engine That’s Revolutionizing Real Estate Crowdfunding with Ashley Smith, CEO of Crowdseekr

written by Ryan Cox

Ashley Smith is the CEO and Co-Founder of Crowdseekr.  Crowdseekr helps investors with search tools to identify commercial real estate crowdfunding projects that …