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Meet Ryan W. Cox

Ryan Cox lived a lot of life before he found his best one. A sampling of the whirlwind experienced by the native Texan: Ryan loved everything about his four years at the University of Oklahoma, including his Sooners winning the 2000 national championship; The gamut of experimental careers ranging from industrial real estate to freight...

“I Am Because We Are.”

Ubuntu. A noun. Pronounced OO-BUHN-TOO. Translated it’s an African philosophy that means “I am because we are.” We’re interconnected in ways big and small. We’re dependent on each other both as individuals and as a society. To achieve our own goals, we must help others achieve theirs. Ubuntu Life is also the passion project (a...

Committing To A Longer Haul

Commitment.  Officially speaking, it’s the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc. Historically, many Class B industrial tenants have occupied their buildings for 15-20-25+ years. Looking back, while you can see their commitment, they’ve typically only renewed their leases for 3 to 5 years at a time. Today, though, those tenants...

Opportunities With Industrial Outdoor Storage & Industrial Service Facilities

While the mood of the market today shows a slowdown in transaction volume, there remains opportunities to be had. We’re continuing to pursue the opportunities in Baton Rouge and have begun to develop a pipeline of opportunities in Central Texas, with a keen eye on Industrial Outdoor Storage and Industrial Service Facilities. IOS & ISF ...
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