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Financial Modeling Powered by Machine-Learning and the Cloud with Brian Axline, CEO of Lucro

written by Ryan Cox

Brian Axline is the Founder & CEO of Lucro. Lucro’s financial modeling softwares allows its users to spend less time crunching the numbers and more time getting deals done.

What’s the Big Idea?

Lucro’s collaboration suite enables organizations to get more deals done faster. On the Lucro platform, every side of a deal is working off of the same model, making the conversation about the deal itself, not the calculations.

Lucro harnesses machine-learning to automate data entry and eliminate human error, freeing you to source opportunities instead of working spreadsheets.

Lucro delivers a standardized modeling experience throughout your organization, ensuring confidence in each and every model you deliver to the marketplace.

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  • To learn more about Brian Axline visit here.
  • To learn more about Lucro visit here.