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Fueling Smarter Corporate Real Estate Decisions with Ryan Turner, CEO of RefineRE

written by Ryan Cox

Ryan Turner is the Founder & CEO of RefineRe. RefineRE is a Portfolio Intelligence platform that allows occupiers and their brokers to leverage big data, machine learning, and automated processes to create actionable insight, reduce risk, and drive strategic objectives through combined, simplified data points.

What’s the Big Idea?

If data is the new oil, we’re the new standard. We take complex, raw information and refine it into something much more valuable for our clients and their trusted advisors. Our simple to use platform provides clear, concise information that matters to you, the occupier. The result is data driven decisions that are smarter, better, and faster.

RefineRe is fast, flexible and secure. Their industry first platform for occupiers is changing how deals get done and how business see their real estate. No systems integration. No weeks or months long implementation that burns up your valuable time. Their nimble technology with bank level security will get you ahead of the pack in no time.

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