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Setting the New Standard for Net Lease Real Estate with Camille Renshaw, CEO of B+E Net Lease

written by Ryan Cox

Camille Renshaw is the Co-Founder & CEO of Brokers + Engineers

Brokers + Engineers (B+E) is setting the new standard for net lease real estate brokerage services and performance.  B+E redefines NNN trading through a more fluid process that affords greater transparency, speed and unrivaled transaction efficiencies.

What’s the Big Idea?

Founded by deeply experienced professionals, B+E has designed an intuitive end-to-end trading platform comprising of user-friendly dashboards, real-time predictive pricing, and an AI-driven exchange – all leveraging the largest data set in the industry.

The proprietary B+E process reduces the typical friction of legacy systems, enabling our skilled brokers to focus on the value-add advisory services that matter most to our clients.

Complementing talent with exceptional technology, B+E allows virtually anyone to confidently trade net lease real estate

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