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Physical to Mobile Ad Platforms with Kobi Wu, CEO of VisuWall

written by Ryan Cox

Kobi Wu is Founder and CEO of VisuWall. Wu is the former SVP of Strategic Planning at Combs Enterprises where she was responsible for managing the business and creative strategies including Combs Wines & Spirits and Sean John.  Some of the global brands she’s affected through her unique lens of entertainment and planning include Spotify, Google, Yahoo!, Converse, Pepsi, JetBlue Airways to name just a few.

“We developed two forms of tech that now live in our platform.  Its comprised of a computer vision sensor and mobile proximity sensor that allows an advertiser to measure the number of people engaging with the window [advertisement].”
– Kobi Wu, CEO & Founder of VisuWall

What’s the Big Idea?

VisuWall is an online b2b marketplace that simplifies the media buying process and monetizes the downtime of vacant commercial real estate. Through a simple user interface and turnkey process, media buyers can access vetted locations and deploy rich advertising at eye level. Real time traffic information is captured using a unique technology metrics system providing quantifiable results for campaigns and experiential media buys.

The Challenge of the Pop Up Shop

A pop-up shop is a temporary storefront space operated by an online merchant. Pop-up stores have become more prevalent in recent years and continue to grow in popularity. These short-term retail environments enable customers to experience products firsthand.


  • The pop up space is very competitive which pose challenges for differentiation.
  • Pop Ups are extremely immersive and labor intensive.
  • Difficulty in determining value for brands and adverstisers

Lessons learned from this episode

Retail building owners and operators will have increased access to short term solutions to monetize vacant space or transition periods between leases.

VisuWall has increased the speed to market for advertisers while delivering measurable results and connecting consumers to brands in a new and powerful way.

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