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Upending the Traditional Self Storage Model with Kyle Bainter, CEO of Call Box Storage

written by Ryan Cox

Kyle Bainter the Co-founder & CEO of Call Box Storage, an alternative to traditional self storage. He has 15 years of experience as a real estate executive – focused on auditing, accounting, underwriting, and private equity.  Previous to Call Box Storage, Kyle was the CFO of Silverado Interests, a boutique real estate firm focused on value-added commercial real estate projects.

Let’s find some efficiencies on the real estate side to then provide a bunch of extra service and all that would be wrapped into the monthly cost of storage.
–Kyle Bainter, CEO of Call Box Storage

What’s the Big Idea?

Self storage made easy. Call Box Storage changed the traditional self storage model by leveraging the lessons learned from the on-demand economy. “Uber for Self Storage”

The State of Self Storage

The United States has over 2.3 billion square feet of self storage space.  Number of self storage facilities in the U.S estimated between 44,000 – 52,000

Self Storage for the Future

Call Box Storage is designed to simplify the self storage process.  With a suite of offerings including free pick up and delivery, an online photo inventory, moving services, climate control and security, Call Box is rewriting the script for consumer and business storage.

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